Security Recruiter Blog 2.0

A New Location For An Established Blog

The Security Recruiter Blog has been on-line since it's inception in 2007.  

In this blog I provide a weekly Cyber Security News report and a Cyber Security Vulnerability and Patch Report on Sunday afternoon's or sometimes Monday mornings.

Additional blog articles focus on security jobs, security careers and career development topics for security, risk, compliance, threat and privacy professionals.

At times, this blog will focus on resume writing topics, LinkedIn topics and other topics that fit into the personal branding and personal marketing categories. 

What I'm most passionate about is helping security, risk, compliance, threat and privacy professionals to advance their careers. In order to provide this assistance, I have devoted time, energy and money to becoming a Strengths Coach. As a Strengths Coach, I leverage the power of the Clifton StregnthsFinder™. Additionally, as a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, I leverage the power of the EQi-2.0 Emotional Quotient Inventory from Multi-Health Systems, Inc.

Results from my Career Coaching and Executive Coaching work may be found at Jeff Snyder Coaching.'s Security Recruiter Blog, 719.686.8810