A Message from jeff Snyder Regarding career coaching for security, risk, compliance, threat and privacy professionals

Having recruited technology talent since 1990, information security talent since 1995 and corporate security talent globally since 2007 and after listening to several candidates and clients suggest that I should offer coaching services, I seriously explored the idea.

I turned to my wife, to several clients and to several security executives who know me well and told them that I was ready to elevate my service to the security profession by doing whatever it would take to acquire appropriate executive coaching credentials, I was informed that I’d already been coaching for a decade or more. That was a decade ago!

With that helpful feedback in hand, I set out to find the best coaching programs and methodologies available. What I came up with was the need for my coaching education to produce Behavioral change that is sustainable, measurable and recognizable by others. I've been delivering such services ever since.

  • Clifton StrengthsFinder™, a tool I have now worked with since 2013 with great client success. Though I thoroughly know my own Strengths, I continue to learn and I continue to pass what I learn on to my clients. One of the best decisions of my life. My clients achieve results!
You sir are a magician at assisting me in assessing and having confidence in my abilities based on my natural strengths.
— Cindy, Information Security Executive


  • Stakeholder Centered Coaching is a methodology I learned from the Marshall Goldsmith Group.
I wanted to thank you for everything. Words cannot express what I am feeling right now. It is extremely exciting to work with someone who knows what they are doing; and to have received results immediately is mind blowing!
— Min, Converged Security Technology Executive


  • EQI-2.0 and EQ 360 are two powerful tools I’m certified and trained to leverage and have done so with great client success. There is no ceiling to be reached in one's Emotional Intelligence. Another one of the best decisions of my life. My clients achieve results here too!
The money you invest on Emotional Intelligence Coaching with Jeff Snyder is some of the best money you will ever spend. HE CHANGES LIVES! The impact of the changes is not just at work, but also at home where it really matters.

The changes that Jeff has evoked in me are so noticeable that while talking with someone today for the first time in 10 years; he noticed the difference in my Emotional Intelligence and commented on the positive change.
— Duaine, Chief Information Security Officer




Security Resume Writing Services

Since 2008, I have created a Proprietary Resume Writing Methodology that has since opened interview doors around the world. By leveraging my Visionary (Futuristic®) and Strategic® strengths, I created a resume writing methodology that begins in the mind of your customer or audience and works backwards.  

My clients deliver resumes that are clean, clear, logical and audience focused 100% of the time. Their resumes routinely open interview doors.


Jeff will teach you his interview door-opening resume writing methodology that has and continues to open interview doors around the globe. If a decision maker can’t decide why they should interview you in 6-10 seconds, the interview door may not open for you. This service is for someone who is confident with their writing skills but they’d like to tap into Jeff’s proprietary resume writing methodology and get one-on-one coaching along the way.   $259.00


This service is for the person who is great at things other than writing a resume. For this service, Jeff will provide you with his 1 Hour Resume Writing Coaching call and then he will stay with you through the end of your resume project as your personal editor.  $599.00

LinkedIn™ Profile Optimization Services

There was a time when a good resume alone would open interview doors. Today, your resume’s message should align with the message on your LinkedIn™ profile. The message on your resume and on your LinkedIn™ profile should also perfectly align with the message you plan to deliver when you interview.  


1 Hour Resume Writing Coaching + LinkedIn Coaching : $409.00

Full Resume Writing Service + LinkedIn Coaching: $749.00



Many Security, Risk, Compliance, Threat and Privacy professionals have come to me for resume writing assistance because writing about themselves isn’t their greatest gift. Neither is applying technical writing, business writing and strategic creative writing simultaneously. A great resume is a highly complex document to create. I can help you with this challenge.

Tools: My proprietary methodologies built from scratch

  • This package includes Resume Coaching, LinkedIn Profile Optimization Coaching, Accelerated Clifton StrengthsFinder™ Coaching, Interview Coaching and Salary Negotiation Coaching. The results of this package include Clarity, Confidence, Direction, Interview Preparation and coaching to help you close the deal with the greatest possible compensation offer.  
  • $1,995.00



Once you get the new job, your journey has just begun. My next coaching package is built to help you raise your level of performance in topic areas that weren't taught in engineering school. Because your IQ is thought to be worth +-10% of career success, we'll focus our attention on building your Emotional Intelligence.  EI or EQ (Emotional Quotient) is thought to be worth +-60% of one's career success.

Tools: Clifton StrengthsFinder™, EQi-2.0, EQ 360

  • Through the work in this package, I’ll help you to become super-clear about your strengths as well as to help you build strategies around your weaknesses so they don’t get in the way of your strengths. Once you know what your unique strengths are, I’ll show you how to aim those strengths strategically in order to generate the best version of you and your best performance.
  • Knowing your unique personal strengths and where those strengths fit into their right career moves will bring you clarity and confidence like you’ve likely never experienced before.
  • We’ll work on improving your soft skills or people skills. These are the skills that employers are placing high demand on right now and they appear to be skills that will pay dividends into the future. Skills such as asking the right questions, listening, collaborating, influencing, building teams, negotiating, inspiring others, and more, are the skills you’ll learn. 
  • I’ll help you to see how to leave the “I ZONE” in favor of the “WE ZONE” where much more significant results can be achieved.
  • $3,495.00

I  want to help you to reach your goals!

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