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Our recruiting track record goes back to 1990 and includes experience recruiting IBM Mainframe, AS/400, DEC VAX, UNIX, PCs, Network Infrastructure, LAN, WAN, MAN, Application Development, Database Administration and more.

This deep IT recruiting experience has served as a solid base for beginning our transition into Information Security recruiting back in the mid-1990s. By the late 1990s, our balance of recruiting switched from general IT recruiting to a heavier focus on information security recruiting.

In the 1990s, we filled security job titles such as Security Engineer, Director of Information Security and Chief Information Security Officer or CISO.

Information security recruiting continued through the early part of the 2000s and IT Audit recruiting was added around 2002. was created in 2001 and launched on-line in 2006 as an effort to wrap a brand around our experience in filling security jobs. 

In 2007, we took on our first physical security investigations focused search in the global oil and gas industry.

This effort lead to a Physical Security Manager / Maritime Port Security job filled in Equatorial Guinea West Africa in the Oil and Gas industry.  Filling this Africa Security Job represented the first Africa Security Job filled by

In 2008, we filled multiple CISO jobs and CSO jobs with some of the world’s most progressive companies. We also filled several Converged Chief Security Officer roles where our task was to find security leaders who were deeply skilled in business, information security and physical corporate security.

More recently we’ve continued to fill CISO jobs and CSO jobs and jobs that focus on Technology Risk Management, Global Privacy, Global Regulatory Compliance and Global Corporate Security.

In 2010, our goal was for our year to end with 50% of our searches coming from cyber security job and 50% coming from corporate security jobs. We opened up the year by filling a highly complex Director of Global Security, FCPA, OFAC, ITAR, Patriot Act Compliance job It looked like Cyber Security Jobs would represent more than 50% of our filled jobs for 2010 but our last two filled security jobs were Director of Global Corporate Security for Latin America and a Regional Corporate Security Manager for Mexico City and Latin America.

Filling Corporate Security Jobs isn’t all we do. Rounding out 2010 and rolling into 2011, we filled a mission critical Chief Information Security job or CISO job for a top 25 bank and we also filled a Converged Chief Security Officer job  or CSO job for one of the world’s largest telecom companies. This Dallas Security Job opened up an opportunity for Jeff Snyder to do public speaking with the Dallas ISACA in November of 2011.

Another Converged Chief Security Officer Job came our way in Hollywood, California.  Work done on this search and on other Los Angeles Security Jobs opened the door for Jeff Snyder to speak to the CISO Forum and the ISSA in Los Angeles in September of 2011.

Work done on a retained search to fill a Head of Security and Risk Management job in Dallas, TX paved the way for Jeff to speak to the North Texas ISACA in November of 2011.

Entering the second half of 2011, we’re seeing demand pick up substantially in the information security jobs space.  Companies are paying more and more attention to cyber security threats and are responding by creating many new cyber security jobs to combat those threats.  While the information security jobs continue to roll in, we’re always on the lookout for IT Audit, Global Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, Global Privacy Jobs and new corporate security jobs where employers want to reach the industry’s top talent.

The Security Jobs page of carries security jobs posted by clients who want to try security job posting before paying a search fee for direct security recruiting.  The Security Jobs page of also carries security job descriptions representing cyber security jobs and corporate security jobs that has been retained to fill.

The Filled Security Jobs Page will give you an idea of some of the searches we’ve filled in the past.