Security Recruiting Testimonials

I was introduced to Jeff Snyder through a recommendation of a colleague when my organization was hiring in their new security team. Jeff was instrumental in bringing us a CISO who understood our corporate and sector cultural challenges and the challenges a new cyber security organization would face. Jeff is a shaman in the recruiting world able to find the right fit for an organization through his research and divination.
— Tina, Homeland Cyber Security Executive
Jeff finds great candidates and gets the job done.
— Keith, CFO, Private Equity Investor
Jeff is a visionary and ahead of the curve in taking a non traditional approach in the industry to deliver the highest quality candidate and enhanced value to his clients. In our discussions, Jeff rapidly understands the dynamics of issues related to emerging risk and international security.
— Andrew, Security Executive
Jeff has great insight into the security industry as a whole. By working with a wide range of security companies and professionals, he is able to maintain an awareness of current industry trends and direction. Working with Jeff, I have always been impressed with his understanding of the needs of the employer, as well as his understanding of the broad spectrum of skills that fall under the security discipline.
— Doug, Manager, Infrastructure and Security
Jeff’s in-depth security recruiting experience across the security industry and keen listening skills are key factors that position him well above other recruiting resources. Companies with physical, software, hardware and convergence security solutions will find that Jeff and is a strong external asset.
— Phil, Chief Executive Officer
Jeff is one of the BEST in the industry!

Jeff is very thorough, systematic, and takes lot of interest to make sure that the candidate clearly understands the position requirements and the culture of the prospective organization. Jeff has a great knack of finding the right talent for the job.

I highly recommend Jeff to, both, individuals looking to make a career move, and to organizations looking for the right talent.
— Anurag, Chief Information Officer
Mr. Snyder is a relentless worker, who earns every penny of the recruitment fee. He is unconventional in his search for the right fit. He works with the candidate, and is always candid in briefing us to their strengths and weaknesses.
— Sam, Chief Information Officer
Jeff is very well connected and is an excellent partner who is always focused on achieving the objective in a manner that satisfies both the candidate and the company. He also works very hard on the recruiting assignment and he is committed to securing people who are not only fully capable but experienced in the industry and who are a solid cultural fit. In addition, he is practiced at perceiving and presenting both the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. I would highly recommend Jeff for any security related assignment.
— Mike, Director, Human Resources
Jeff provides specialized services for the recruitment senior security professionals. Over the years, we have been in conversations with Jeff over various topics. In 2009, Jeff was selected to assist us in identifying a senior security executive candidate for placement in one of our more dynamic and demanding delivery centers. The result was very successful. These key success factors help reinforce why Jeff will be leveraged again:

1) Jeff’s network of relationships has depth and respect.

2) Jeff provides a clear understanding of the specialized security field.

3) Jeff has a clear understanding of the caliber and capabilities of his resources.

4) Jeff is personable, asks the right questions and will continue the conversation to ensure that the expectations are clear for all parties involved, and;

5) Integrity and character goes a long way with security professionals; and Jeff is a professional with high integrity and respect. The passion that Jeff brings is evident in his work, his commitment to see things through, and his sincerity in follow-up well after the engagement.
— Dan, Cyber Security and Compliance Officer
Jeff is an excellent executive recruiter who listens to the needs of his customer and efficiently and effectively provides the right match for the required position without wasting the client’s nor candidates time. His knowledge and experience is a strong differentiators that enables him to produce the right outcome. He is clear and sets the right expectations upfront and conducts all transactions with the highest integrity commitment to establishing win-win relationships.
— Tony, Chief Information Officer
Jeff’s grasp of the Information Security/Protection industry is truly impressive! Few recruiters are able to grasp the nuances relevant to a career in this field as well as Jeff. My strongest recommendations.
I don’t think that the term “recruiter” does Jeff Snyder any justice. I would call him a “human asset engineer,” and he stands tall above all the recruiters that I have worked with during my career.
— Paymon, Chief Architect
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Jeff Snyder as a recruiter in the Information Security field. Jeff’s perseverance and professionalism directly led to my finding and obtaining a new career opportunity to meet my career goals.

Jeff is not your run of the mill recruiter. He takes the time to fully understand career objectives and gives an honest assessment of your career strengths and weaknesses. Once identified, he seeks out unsolicited opportunities in the field to match your skill set and goals.
— Matt, Senior Vice President
Simply stated, Jeff wears his values on his shirt sleeve. From my first correspondence with him, I knew exactly what was important to Jeff and his “Direct to the point,” Analytical mind is a true asset in the industry. Jeff knows what is important when establishing a business relationship and it’s a pleasure to have a partner leader like him.
— Steve, Senior Director
Jeff Snyder is the consummate executive recruiter. He is a hybrid in the field that can find the right haystack to begin looking for the needle when it comes to identifying outstanding executive talent. He is a master at the art & science of recruiting by remaining current with the latest approaches and best practices professionally. I highly recommend Jeff as an executive recruiter, especially for identifying just the right fit called for by a unique niche of professional security candidates.
— Mark, Global Management Consultant
The best phrase I can use to describe Jeff and his character is “beyond reproach.“

Whether during our initial data gathering and getting-to-know-each-other phase, stepping and guiding me through the interviewing process, or final talks and negotiations with the hiring manager, Jeff was consistently open, truthful, insightful, and timely in his delivery and evaluation of information.

His depth of knowledge and years of experience in the security field allowed me to best tailor my message and approach to identify and successfully land my next position. True in many fields, and especially in recruiting, one of the measures of success is the creation and ongoing cultivation of relationships.

Jeff’s personality and business sense allows him to be especially successful in this area. Not only is he a top-level, successful recruiter, I also consider him a friend. He has my utmost trust and confidence, to the point where I have already begun to introduce him to colleagues.

As I progress in my career, I look forward to continuing both my business relationship and personal friendship with Jeff.
— Al, Chief Information Security Officer
Jeff has fundamentally changed the way recruiters work. Through a thoughtful and well developed methodology Jeff, with uncanny accuracy, finds not only a candidate with the right skill set but perhaps more importantly a candidate that fits your culture and how you do business.
— Ronald, Vice President, Security Product Management
Jeff is a rare breed of career professional: one who not only takes a sincere interest in finding an ideal fit for his clients, but who also exhibits an unusual degree of native insight in understanding what makes a fit work.

This speaks volumes about his innate ability to recognize individual gifts and talents, and matching them with his encyclopedic knowledge of opportunities. More importantly still: it singles out Jeff as someone who cares about people and what inspires them to excel—qualities that make Jeff stand apart in his field.
— Scott, Cyber Security Industry Analyst
Jeff is an excellent recruiter. He reads your resume, asks pertinent questions about your search, and he listens and understands your responses. Definitely has a strong grasp of the Information Security space. Highly recommend Jeff for the job seeker and for companies looking for Information Security experts.
— Phil, Identity Management Architecture