The Journal of Physical Security strives to continually bring its visitors cutting-edge security education, security training and security certification opportunities.

The newest Journal of Physical Security, Volume 4 (2) 2010 is now available!

The Journal welcomes papers, whether experimental or theoretical, that use the scientific method or other rigorous approaches to understanding, modeling, developing, testing, or evaluating any aspect of physical security.  Viewpoint papers are also welcome as long as they address related issues.  The Journal is multi-disciplinary in nature and seeks both technical and social science papers.

The following topics are sufficiently covered by existing trade and scholarly journals and will usually not be considered:  computer or Internet security (except for the physical protection of networks, computers, peripherals, and media), cryptography (except as it relates to physical security), information security (other than the physical protection of documents and computer media), criminology (except as it relates to physical protection), safety analysis, or the practice of security management.  The Journal also does not publish papers that are sales tracts for a particular product or service, or that are anecdotal accounts (“war stories”) of past experiences or lessons learned.  JPS does not currently accept advertisements.    

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