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Companies that are serious about identifying, recruiting and hiring the industry’s most talented, business-savvy Information Security, Cyber Security, Corporate Security, high-level Physical Security, Technology Risk Management, Global Compliance, IT Audit and Global Privacy professionals turn to SecurityRecruiter.com.

These companies are committed to tapping into the majority of professionals in these skill disciplines who are not actively looking for new position at any given time but would respond to a properly delivered recruiting call from a highly specialized search firm such as SecurityRecruiter.com. 

Our initial interaction with a prospective new client is an information gathering call.  This call is designed for you (our prospective client) to learn about us and for us to learn about your organization and your unique recruiting needs.

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  • We don’t have a one-size-fits-all search process.  Each search we conduct starts with a unique plan of action to reach the industry’s most sought after security talent.
  • We’ve been retained by Fortune 100 companies, mid-sized industry leading companies and by early-stage and Pre-IPO companies that have ground breaking security technologies to offer the marketplace.
  • At SecurityRecruiter.com, we believe there has to be a fit between our search methodology and the needs your organization has to fill.  We’ll only take on searches that we’re confident we can execute to your satisfaction.
  • In recent years, we’ve successfully filled , , , , ,, and more for clients in the US, Africa, Canada, UK, Mexico and New Zealand. We’re prepared to fill strategic security, audit, risk management, privacy and compliance roles around the globe.
  • We specialize in finding the needle in a haystack.  Our security talent networks span the globe.  Because we invest time to build relationships with industry leading security, audit, risk, compliance and privacy professionals, much of the industry’s best talent is only a phone call away.

Industries Served:

Audit and Compliance Consulting, Banking, Chemical, Credit Card, Defense, Entertainment / Film / Media, Electronic Security Products, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Global Outsourcing, Incentive Marketing, Insurance, Logistics, Global Manufacturing and Distribution, Managed Security Services, Mortgage, Office Products, Oil & Gas, Oil Refining, Rental Car, Retail, Risk Management Consulting, Telecommunications, Transportation, Travel, Trucking, Security Software, Security Professional Services, Security Systems Integration and more.

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Our Security Recruiting Specialization:

Artificial intelligence can identify buzz words on resumes.  Consider though that if the most talented security professionals in the industry are generally gainfully employed by your competitors, artificial intelligence cannot read words on resumes that are not placed in job board resume databases. 
It takes a personal touch, deep relationship building and a seasoned to reach the industry’s top security talent.

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