What We Do

We’re in the people business. We just happen to have been working with people who possess Security, Risk, Compliance, Threat and Privacy talent for a long time. Our understanding of how these talented and frequently super high IQ gifted people think, behave, and operate runs deep.

Companies that are serious about identifying, recruiting and hiring the industry’s most talented, business-savvy Information Security, Cyber Security, Corporate Security, high-level Physical Security, Technology Risk Management, Global Compliance, Threat and Global Privacy professionals turn to SecurityRecruiter.com.

These companies are committed to tapping into the majority of professionals in these skill disciplines who are not actively looking for new position at any given time but would respond to a properly delivered recruiting call from a highly specialized security search firm such as SecurityRecruiter.com

Our initial interaction with a prospective new client is an information gathering call. This call is designed for you (our prospective client) to learn about us and for us to learn about your organization and your unique recruiting needs.

We’ve Recruited Around the Globe

Global Security Recruiter

How We Do It

  • We don’t have a one-size-fits-all search process. Each security job search we conduct starts with a unique plan of action to reach the industry’s most sought after security talent.
  • The talent you need is more often than not gainfully employed. Because we’ve been fine-tuning our skills in the recruiting profession since the 1990s, we know how to do more than just search job board resume databases. In fact, we don’t use these kinds of resources at all. We directly recruit the industry’s most sought-after talent.
  • We’ve been retained by Fortune 100 companies, mid-sized industry leading companies and by early-stage and pre-IPO companies. We’ve been retained by companies that previously approached us for contingency search but later came back to us for retained search once they determined that they truly wanted to get to the industry’s best talent.
  • At SecurityRecruiter.com, we believe there has to be a fit between our search methodology and the needs your organization has to fill. We’ll only take on searches that we’re confident we can execute to your satisfaction.
  • In recent years, we’ve successfully filled CISO jobs, CSO jobs, Global Corporate Security jobs, Converged CSO jobs, Security Management jobs, Disaster Recovery jobs, Business Continuity jobs, IT Risk Management jobs, Application Security jobs, Global Compliance jobs and more for clients in the US, Africa, Canada, UK, Mexico, and New Zealand. 
  • Many of the “C” level security roles we’ve filled have been open for 6, 12, and even 18 months. It is our unique ability to ask questions that nobody else asks that brings information to the table that nobody else has ever uncovered. Then we get these jobs filled with a total of 2-4 candidate introductions.
Jeff has great insight into the security industry as a whole. By working with a wide range of security companies and professionals, he is able to maintain an awareness of current industry trends and direction. Working with Jeff, I have always been impressed with his understanding of the needs of the employer, as well as his understanding of the broad spectrum of skills that fall under the security discipline.
— Doug, Manager, Infrastructure and Security

Industries We’ve Served

Audit and Compliance Consulting, Banking, Chemical, Credit Card, Defense, Entertainment / Film / Media, Electronic Security Products, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Global Outsourcing, Incentive Marketing, Insurance, Logistics, Global Manufacturing and Distribution, Managed Security Services,  Medical Device Manufacturing, Mortgage, Office Products, Oil & Gas, Oil Refining, Rental Car, Retail, Risk Management Consulting, Telecommunications, Transportation, Travel, Trucking, Security Software, Security Professional Services, Security Systems Integration and more.

To learn more about how SecurityRecruiter.com can help your company to reach the industry’s top talent through direct recruiting, call Jeff Snyder at 719.686.8810