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The Resumes We Help Our Clients To Produce Open Interview Doors...

As security industry executive recruiters, we review and evaluate thousands of resumes every year.  We understand  what works and what doesn’t in a security resume because we sit between hiring decision makers and security job seekers every day. We don't just write resumes. We work closely with hiring decision makers to know precisely what these individuals want, need and expect from security professionals.

This knowledge sits behind our proprietary methodology for developing security, risk, compliance, audit and privacy resumes that open interview doors.

When we're finished collaberatively working together, you'll receive a resume that will be read and considered rather than a resume that will get lost in today’s shuffle of high-volume electronic information.

Why SecurityRecruiter.com's Security Resume Writing Services?

  • Our specialization is in writing resumes for Security, Risk Management, Compliance, Audit and Privacy professionals
  • We work with decision makers who make hiring decisions and therefore know how they think
  • Security Resume Writing, Professional Resume Writing, Professional Resume Writing, Professional Resume Writer, Expert Resume Writer, Expert Resume Writing, Resume Writing ProfessionalResumes we help our clients to produce open doors to highly compelling jobs

Because of our expertise as security recruiters, we also know the secrets of the security executive recruiting trade. This inside knowledge helps us to produce a resume that is quickly scannable and invites the reader to actually want to read from top to bottom.

Consider These Odds

This is no easy task when we're told that for a recent Manager of Global Security job opening for example, the company that posted the job received 400 resumes in 10 days and had to close down the resume acceptance process. Having your resume land in the top 10 out of 400 requires it to be a cut above.

Security Resume Writing, Professional Resume Writing, Professional Resume Writing, Professional Resume Writer, Expert Resume Writer, Expert Resume Writing, Resume Writing ProfessionalYour new resume will be created in a format that is easily handled by Applicant Tracking Systems that both external recruiters and human resource professionals routinely use to track resumes.

Your new resume will pass a 10-15 second human eyeball scan. This is the self-defense scan that happens when a busy resume reader doesn't have time to read every resume in the pile. When your new resume is sitting in front of a decision maker who needs your skills, your resume will float to the top and land in the pile of resumes that will be set aside and read from top to bottom.

At this point, your resume needs to clearly demonstrate achievement, accomplishment, contribution and value. We'll teach you how to create content that communicates what you've done in the past and how your past performance could translate to future success with a new employer. 

Who are our Resume Clients?

Our resume clients have been located in the US, Africa, Austria, Canada, Singapore and the UK. Our clients have been cyber security professionals, corporate security professionals, physical security professionals, IT Audit professionals, risk management professionals, global compliance professionals and global privacy professionals.

In addition to a full range of information security / cyber security and risk management focused clients, we've worked with law enforcement professionals who are transitioning into private industry. Some of these clients have come from the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Local Law Enforcement, Military, FederExecutive Resume Writing Service, Career Coaching, Career Coach, Security Career Coach, Security Career Coaching, Professional Career Coaching, Executive Coachingal Government, Customs and Border Protection, Department of State, US Postal Service and more.

A Highly Interactive Process

Once we agree to work together, we will send you a proprietary security resume writing worksheet and plenty of examples to help you get started with content creation.  Yes, you will learn how to create compelling content. Nobody else has walked with you in your shoes throughout your career so nobody can create your initial content. We'll become your resume writing coach and/or resume wriiting editor once you've returned the worksheet.

This is not a resume re-write process.

When you return the completed worksheet to us we will create a custom security resume geared to highlight your skills, strengths, accomplishments and personal objectives. This is a highly interactive process that starts with an initial consultation phone call.

The cost for the custom professional security resume writing service is $599.00 

Some professional resume writing services have one charge for resume writing, another charge for cover letter writing, another charge for thank you letter writing, etc.  We’ll focus on creating a resume that will get you noticed.  Visit the Security Recruiter Blog to find helpful advice regarding the creation of:Privacy Resume Writing, IT Resume Writing, Audit Resume Writing, Compliance Resume Writing, Risk Management Resume Writing

  • Cover letters
  • Interview thank you notes
  • Professional email communication
  • Professionally developed voice mails and more

This information is free for the taking as long as you agree to pass it along to your peers for free.

Don’t pay for a generic resume service when you can get help from a company that specializes in recruiting security, risk, compliance, audit and privacy professionals.  We’ll guide you through a process that helps you to bring your accomplishments to the surface.  In the end, you’ll have a resume that promotes your personal brand, a resume that quickly grabs the reader's attention and a resume that separates you from the crowd.

Start today by sending us a copy of your current resume.  We’ll review your current resume and will let you know if we can be helpful.

  • We’ll review your current resume to determine if we can add value to the way you’re currently packaging and presenting yourself. 

  • We reserve the right to not take your $599.00 if we determine that we can’t provide enough value to you.

  • Please email your current resume to

  • If we believe we can add value to your resume presentation, we'll call you to create a clear understanding of our process and to gain a clear understanding of your expectations. We’ll then send an invoice via email with a secure link to a PayPal credit card processing system.

  • At no time will we be directly collecting your credit card data for this service.

  • Once we receive notice of payment from PayPal, you’ll receive a package of instructions that helps us start helping you.

    One Last Thought to Consider

    The job market is competitive. You already know that. We've helped security professionals to create resumes that have opened doors to big jobs. If you're at $85,000 and your new resume opens the door to a $95,000 job, what is it worth to have a resume that floats to the surface?

    If you're at $150,000 today, you already know that you're nearing the top of the pyramid. Competition for the $200,000 jobs is stiff. You absolutely need a competitive edge. Don't take a chance with your resume. It is your personal branding and marketing material before anyone gets to hear you speak.


    Does Our Resume Writing Approach Produce Results?

    “The work you did on my resume a few years ago was stellar. I could use your advice again.  May we speak?”  Chief Information Security Officer

    “Jeff's resume writing methodology and reconstruction of my resume more than doubled inquiries overnight. And it increased my targeted job submission responses from less than 10% to almost 50%!” Identity and Access Manager Security Architect

    “This resume looks great! thank you.”  Global Chief Information Security Officer

    “Jeff, I wanted to drop you a note as I forget to close the loop with you.  Thanks for the help in revising my resume.  I took a new gig in May close to home that was a nice move up to a company that is growing fast.  I did have several offers and interest across the board.  The new resume made all the difference.”  Cyber Security Architect

    “I am very pleased with the results. The resume is attractive to the eye, and articulates my executive role.” Global Head of Operational IT Risk Management

    “One more great thing I'm sure you will love to hear. I met with guys yesterday exploring a security position. They told me my resume got their attention because it was focused, gives details without being very verbose like other resumes they see. As you said, the new resume stood up against other resume and won.  So thank you very much again :)”  Sr. Security Engineer

    “Response to the new resume has been excellent. Think you hit this spot on thanks.” Security Architect, Application Security & Identity Management

    “I'd like to thank you for helping me craft a superior resume. I have one job offer imminent and more interest from other employers. I am a very satisfied customer and can't thank you enough for the help you've given me.”  Information Security Engineer

    “I think this is outstanding and I really appreciate your help.  I won't hesitate to pass your name to others looking for help with their resumes.”  Law Enforcement Sargent

    “Looks great! I think we can mark this down as "completed." Thank you for all your help in this matter, it's extremely valuable to me!” Information Security Engineer

    “The resume looks outstanding! I really like it a lot.  I think it is completed and ready for my dissemination.”  Chief of Police

    "Jeff Snyder is a great guy – I have used his services, and they are top notch." Director, Global Security

    "Great improvement, really like how you have pared down and clarified the essentials." Application Security, Identity Management Lead Architect

    “Thank you very much. The resume looks great.” Commissioner of Public Safety

    "Thanks Jeff for helping with my resume. I have a phone interview scheduled for Wednesday for a position I applied for yesterday. I am taking this to mean we are headed in the right direction…Things are moving along, Jeff.  Just wrapped up a 2nd interview and the hiring manager is checking to see if they can adjust salary allocated for the position.  Your work on my resume made all the difference.  I can’t thank you enough." Director, Information Security

    “Thanks again for your assistance and know your experience and guidance in the industry is appreciated. The CV reads well and I truly appreciate the guidance and direction.” Director, International Security

    “This is outstanding and exactly what I was looking for. I am guessing you have invested more time in this than you expected, and I do appreciate that.” Director of Security Architecture Engineering and Operations

    “I was stressed over my outdated resume and concerned that I would not be able to find a resume service that understood security. Then I found SecurityRecruiter.com. Jeff is skilled, experienced and responsive. I now have a resume I can send out with confidence and I highly recommend this service.” Director of Corporate Security

    "I haven't dusted off the resume cobwebs in a while. Your worksheet forced me to think through some of these entries with business context for a brain dump." Information Security Analyst

    "I must admit that I now see my resume in a different light. Your comments were definitely what I needed to hear and to act upon to achieve any measure of success in my search." Security Strategy and Operational Risk Advisor

    "I made a few changes and am very pleased with the results. I want to thank you for your help with my resume." Corporate Security Manager

    "Thanks a lot for your valuable advice and for investing your valuable time on my documents." Regional IT Risk and Compliance Manager

    “Happy New Year Jeff! I was very happy with the resume and continue to be so. I appreciate the efforts on improving my resume.” Vice President, Information Security

    "I did receive the last resume that you sent with the summary statement and I'm quite happy with the product." Security Threat Intelligence Specialist

    “I wanted to inform you that I have disseminated my "New and Improved" resume to a few of my contacts at ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips. Both of these contacts were very impressed with the format, context, and the overall readability of my resume. They were able to derive my knowledge, skills, and abilities from this document and see my value as it relays to their respective companies; this is a great sign. If this resume is able to captivate these individuals then I am confident that the people within the 'security space' of each of these companies will also be able to realize my value as well.” Special Deputy, U.S. Marshal

    "Thank you for your attention to my resume. It looks great! I think we can call it final. Cyber Security Analyst, Security Architect

    “As one of Jeff's Resume client's and as someone who is trying to transition into the private sector, I can affirm that Jeff has been extremely thorough in evaluating my current resume and tailoring it for the corporate security realm. Additionally, as he has noted in previous 'blog posts' that if you follow his instructions and finish the assigned "career homework" you will be prepared for that next interview. Recently, I told Jeff that the "homework" had jarred loose many memories of accomplishments that I had long since forgotten over my career. This information will not only be vital for my resume, but will also serve as well thought-out personal anecdotes during my next interview. Thanks to Jeff and the staff at SecurityRecruiter.com for their personal attentiveness and their insight.” Managing Director, Global Security Consulting

    "Thanks Jeff. I appreciate the assistance in putting together my resume. I am very happy with the new format and hopefully it will lead to some success for me." Retired US Postal Service, Supervisory Special Agent

    “I joined the Navy right out of high school and for the past 27 years I’ve never had to write a resume or look for a job. While planning my for my upcoming transition I wasn’t sure how to start a resume and didn’t know what format to use. After seeing all the good career advice on Jeff’s Security Recruiter Blog I decided to take advantage of his resume writing service. Jeff’s great worksheet allowed me to collect all of my experience and history of assignments into one place. With all of these inputs he did an excellent job translating my military skills and experience to something that is easily recognized in the civilian information security sector.” Retired US Navy

    A security resume writing case study

    “You know, I've hired 5 people in the last three years and I've reviewed hundreds of resumes that were all over the place in terms of quality and quantity. I think this one stacks up with some of the best in terms of the layout and format. I really like how you highlighted key terms and I imagine I ought to review the job announcements for positions I plan to pursue and plug key words in as appropriate and applicable to increase the probability that my resume will end up in the interview pile

    One Month Later…

    I am experiencing noticeable success using the impact oriented resume that Jeff helped me produce recently. The before and after results are significant. It's only been a month since I posted the resume we co-created to only one online job board that specializes in information technology opportunities. I'm only focusing on full time, private sector, non-audit, security oriented roles in a very small market of about 1.7 million people. Before hiring Jeff, I fielded 1-2 calls/emails monthly and my LinkedIn profile might experience 5-6 views per week. Now I field about 6-8 calls/emails per week and my LinkedIn profile experiences 17-20 views per week. Each week, I'm presented with attractive opportunities to interview with reputable companies which allows me, believe it or not, to be somewhat selective. Most importantly, I am in my fourth round of interviews for a security opportunity at Citrix for which I did not apply (I was recruited) and I received a message recently from Cisco that they may contact me soon to schedule an interview for a position for which I did submit an application and a Jeff Snyder, SecurityRecruiter.com produced resume.” Manager, IT Audit

    “Just wanted to follow up with you on another resume writing success story. Using the resume, I was able to land a position with a major insurance company - I start this Monday. In fact, I referred your services to a colleague who may be contacting you. Thanks again for all your help!” Security Operations Management Lead


    Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.