Security Recruiting Testimonials

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"Our CEO has been very pleased with the quality of your candidates.  Thank you.  I’m sure that you’re aware of how challenging this industry is and your professional, results-oriented search firm has been a breath of fresh air."

Lynn, Director, Human Resources

"Jeff has great insight into the security industry as a whole. By working with a wide range of security companies and professionals, he is able to maintain an awareness of current industry trends and direction. Working with Jeff, I have always been impressed with his understanding of the needs of the employer, as well as his understanding of the broad spectrum of skills that fall under the security discipline."

Doug, Manager, Infrastructure and Security

"Jeff gets my highest complements: he's a straight-shooter, not afraid to say what he thinks. For those seeking new careers in security, that kind of attitude is critical. Jeff has been of enormous help to me in compiling resources to help seinor-level security executives understand how to advance their careers"

Peter, Assistant Director of Strategic Operations, ASIS International

“Jeff is very well connected and is an excellent partner who is always focused on achieving the objective in a manner that satisfies both the candidate and the company. He also works very hard on the recruiting assignment and he is committed to securing people who are not only fully capable but experienced in the industry and who are a solid cultural fit. In addition, he is practiced at perceiving and presenting both the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. I would highly recommend Jeff for any security related assignment.”

Mike, Director of Human Resources

Speaking Engagement Feedback:


ISSA Denver March 2012

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and I believe the rest of the attendees did as well. Thanks for your time and information. If you plan to speak at other venues and want references, I'll be happy to provide one.”  Denver ISSA President

“Thanks for presenting at the ISSA monthly meeting.  I really liked your message. I am putting together the Advisory Board for the Denver ISSA Chapter.  I would like to invite you to be on the board." Member, Denver ISSA Chapter Advisory Board

“Saw your presentation today. Very informative.” Cyber Security Analyst

“Jeff, I enjoyed your presentation at the ISSA meeting yesterday.”  IT Director, Department of Defense

“The presentation was good food for thought and the industry comments were especially beneficial.” Cyber Security / Project Management Specialist

“I enjoyed your presentation very much and feel the message was extremely valuable to me and my peers, especially the feedback from CIOs.” Project Manager, IT Services

“Your presentation was well received by the people I spoke to.”  Director, Center for Information Assurance Studies

“I was lucky enough to attend your ISSA presentation dealing with the career of a security professional. I learned quite a bit of information, and found it extremely helpful.  So on that note, thank you for presenting to our group! “Information Systems Support Specialist


CISO Forum / ISSA Los Angeles September 2011

"I would be happy to recommend you as a speaker at other ISSA chapters. Let me know what i can do to help" ISSA - LA President

"I was impressed by what you had to say at the ISSA-LA meeting. I had almost given up on working with anyone in recruiting. I'm glad there are still folks like yourself out there working with candidates in such a positive way."

"Thank you so much for your time last week. The information and trending insight were invaluable. I look forward to following up with you regarding the possibility of extending the discussions and partnership with Evanta and the CISO / CIO Executive Summits."

"Your participation at ISSA was very valuable. Thank you for traveling to do it"

"Thank you for sharing your experience at the ISSA meeting tonight"

"It was good to meet you yesterday in person at ISSA-LA. You have a friendly and candid personality"

"Thanks again for coming to ISSA-LA and I look forward to your insight in the future"

"I attended last night's ISSA-LA meeting and wanted to thank you for your time and words of wisdom. As an active job seeker, I appreciated the tips and information that you offered the audience"


North Texas ISACA November 2011

"It was great to meet you today at the ISACA North Texas meeting. Your presentation was great!!! I learned a lot from you. ISACA North Texas - VP Membership"

“It was a pleasure to have met you and your presentation at our ISACA meeting was great!”

"Having been an ISSA member for some time and having met Jeff via telephone in the past, I was anxious to hear him speak and to meet him in person at the recent ISACA Dallas event.  I was equally impressed with what Jeff presented as well as how he related to the audience.  Jeff presents very critical and key preparation and relationship factors that must be present for anyone wanting to strategically plan out their next career move.  Jeff embodies mentorship, the gift of coaching, as well as keen insight into the security industry into an unparalleled recruiting relationship and product."

"Your presentation was great. Your presentation would work well with the ISSA group in Dallas as it did for the ISACA group"

"I met you today at the North Texas ISACA Luncheon. Thank you for a great presentation"

“I worked with Jeff most recently in 2007. Jeff is a consummate professional. He actively contributes to the industry and is highly regarded by his business partners. Jeff has national connections and the ability to focus on key skills and market them appropriately. He is someone worth knowing and developing an enduring relationship with.”

John, Director, Information Security

“Jeff gets the highest of accolades - personal recommendations and testimonials from the most discerning of clientele. He provides timely, accurate and high-quality services in a high-integrity, generous manner which sets him apart in his field. I enthusiastically recommend and endorse Jeff to anyone looking for the services he provides.”

David, Chief Strategy Officer

“I recently met Jeff and contracted with him to help me craft a winning resume that stands out. Before we started, he explained to me all the things that most people miss or "don't get" about resumes. After talking with Jeff, I "got it" and put that knowledge into creating a resume that will hopefully float to the top. Jeff''s a people person and he clearly understands people and enjoys working with them. He put me at ease and gave me the confidence I needed to take an introspective look at myself and my career strengths to improve my odds of finding the job I wanted. I would gladly recommend to anyone who needs help on their resume."

James, Special Agent in Charge, Environmental Protection Agency

“Jeff is a great talent expert that not only understands people but understands the industry as well. Few people have the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to play the role of - but Jeff does!” 

Kevin, Strategic Management Consultant focusing on security and cyber warfare, Technolytics

“I have had the opportunity to get to know Jeff over the past few years. In my contacts with Jeff, he is one of the most dedicated and effective recruiters I have ever known. Jeff is delightful, and truly listens to any concerns you have. Above all, he is 100% professional, extremely thoughtful, organized, responsive and always makes you feel important no matter how busy he is. Jeff is the best and I highly recommend him.

David, CCSO. Retired law enforcement and corporate security.”

“Jeff provides specialized services for the recruitment senior security professionals. Over the years, we have been in conversations with Jeff over various topics. In 2009, Jeff was selected to assist us in identifying a senior security executive candidate for placement in one of our more dynamic and demanding delivery centers. The result was very successful. These key success factors help reinforce why Jeff will be leveraged again: 1) Jeff's network of relationships has depth and respect, 2) Jeff provides a clear understanding of the specialized security field, 3) Jeff has a clear understanding of the caliber and capabilities of his resources, 4) Jeff is personable, asks the right questions and will continue the conversation to ensure that the expectations are clear for all parties involved, and 5) Integrity and character goes a long way with security professionals; and Jeff is a professional with high integrity and respect. The passion that Jeff brings is evident in his work, his commitment to see things through, and his sincerity in follow-up well after the engagement.” 

Dan, Information Security and Risk Management, MBA, CISSP

“Jeff Snyder is a gifted writer, technologist and person who gets things done. An expansive ROLODEX with the energy, experience and intellect to match. You won't go wrong with Jeff in your job search or as a friend.”

Leo, President NaSPA

“I don’t think that the term "recruiter" does Jeff Snyder any justice. I would call him a "human asset engineer", and he stands tall above all the recruiters that I have worked with during my career. I feel very confident in saying this despite the fact that we have not known each other long, and I am excited to continue working with him in the future.”

Paymon, Information Security Architect, CCIE

“Jeff is an extremely knowledgeable resource in the information security space and I found him very easy to work with. I was very impressed with his ability to break down his client’s needs and to identify the right persons/personalities to present. Jeff had great communication skills and kept me apprised throughout the process.”


“Jeff has great knowledge of the security industry, and is a great adviser in helping move through the recruiting process. His follow through and personal commitment to the job make him a pleasure to work with.”

Russell, Web Application Security Program Manager

“Simply stated, Jeff wears his values on his shirt sleeve. From my first correspondence with him, I knew exactly what was important to Jeff and his "Direct to the point", Analytical mind is a true asset in the industry. Jeff knows what is important when establishing a business relationship and it's a pleasure to have a partner leader like him.”

Steven, Senior Director

is the consummate executive recruiter. He is a hybrid in the field that can find the right haystack to begin looking for the needle when it comes to identifying outstanding executive talent. He is a master at the art & science of recruiting by remaining current with the latest approaches and best practices professionally. I highly recommend Jeff as an executive recruiter, especially for identifying just the right fit called for by a unique niche of professional security candidates.”

Mark, Global Risk Management Consultant

“Jeff works in-depth to understand and portray the clients requirements and needs as well as to match the individual's expertise and skills. He repeatedly brings the highest standards of integrity and reliability to a highly competitive marketplace and differentiates himself through superior insight into the needs of his clients. I would not hesitate to have Jeff's firm act as lead for any search in which I was contracting or advising.”

Jim, Senior Executive Security and Risk Management Consultant, MBA, CISSP, CISM

“Jeff is one of the most ethical and disciplined recruiters in the market today. His passion for his business and for placing the right candidate with the right job sets him apart from other recruiters. I highly recommend his services to my network.”

Paul, VP, Security and Loss Prevention, JD, CPP, CFE, CAMS

“The best phrase I can use to describe Jeff and his character is "beyond reproach." Whether during our initial data gathering and getting-to-know-each-other phase, stepping and guiding me through the interviewing process, or final talks and negotiations with the hiring manager, Jeff was consistently open, truthful, insightful, and timely in his delivery and evaluation of information. His depth of knowledge and years of experience in the security field allowed me to best tailor my message and approach to identify and successfully land my next position. True in many fields, and especially in recruiting, one of the measures of success is the creation and ongoing cultivation of relationships. Jeff's personality and business sense allows him to be especially successful in this area. Not only is he a top-level, successful recruiter, I also consider him a friend. He has my utmost trust and confidence, to the point where I have already begun to introduce him to colleagues. As I progress in my career, I look forward to continuing both my business relationship and personal friendship with Jeff.”  Thanks, Jeff,

AL, Director Information Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

“Jeff’s in-depth experience across the security industry and keen listening skills are key factors that position him well above other recruiting resources. Companies with physical, software, hardware and convergence security solutions will find that Jeff and is a strong external asset.”

Phil, CEO, Security Software

“Jeff is a man of high integrity, a straight shooter and true professional. He provided me with an excellent critique regarding my resume and solid advice on how to improve it to better advertise my expertise. He always does his homework to ensure that he recommends the right person for the job. Unfortunately a number of Recruiters are not that diligent. It is without any hesitation that I recommend Jeff to organizations seeking personnel and to individuals looking for a better job and / or resume advice.”

Robert, CPP

“Jeff is a visionary and ahead of the curve in taking a non traditional approach in the industry to deliver the highest quality candidate and enhanced value to his clients. In our discussions, Jeff rapidly understands the dynamics of issues related to emerging risk and international security.”

Andrew CPP

“Jeff is an extremely focused professional who has incredible integrity. I f Jeff says he will deliver, that is exactly what he will do. He does a thorough job no matter what it takes. I look forward to working with Jeff again and highly recommend him to anyone”

Russell, Chief Security Officer

Jeff Snyder is quite simply the best information security recruiter working in the industry today. With 10 years of information security management experience, I've had the opportunity to work with many recruiters and placement organizations - none have had the passion and expertise for , which Jeff brings to the table when placing the right candidate in the right position, at the right time.

The healthcare market poses unique challenges for information security professionals: understanding the challenges of using technology to deliver high quality patient care; complying with expanding HIPAA and other federal regulations designed to safeguard protected health information; realizing the workflow and business needs of a healthcare organization when developing policy. Jeff understands these unique needs and works quickly to find the right fit for the organization and the candidate.

Jeff ,a , has repeatedly shown the ability, in a highly specialized and competitive market, to consistently present a list of highly qualified candidates that not only meet, but exceed expectations, leaving the organization in the enviable position of selecting the best candidate from a selection of several qualified individuals. I look forward to working with Jeff in the future when filling information security positions.

Paul, CISSP, Information Protection Officer, Healthcare

“Jeff Snyder is the recruiter of choice for Information Security Professional needs at M & T Bank. He consistently takes the time to fully understand our needs, our culture, and finds exceptional candidates to match our demanding requirements. He has proven himself to be an outstanding mentor and partner in the process.”

Matt, CISO, Banking, CISSP, CISA

“I have worked with many recruitment consultancies both personally and professionally over the past few years. The J.A. Snyder & Associates team has been one of the absolute “best of breed”, which brings me to writing this letter of recommendation. The J.A. Snyder & Associates team clearly has a major competitive advantage with their high level of customer service and market intelligence they possess, especially Mr. Jeff Snyder. It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recognize Jeff’s amazing abilities he demonstrated during a recent recruitment campaign. Jeff worked with me throughout the process of identifying and facilitating the next steps in my career path. For many, this is not an easy task since there are numerous priorities and a multitude of items that need to be negotiated. He always kept his goals and objectives within sight but also remained approachable and easygoing. Jeff demonstrated early in the process that he understood what the recruitment business was all about. He was well organized and almost without exception, he placed the customer first, feeling as I do that the key to good business is satisfied customers. I suppose doing well in this business is easy if you are, as he was, driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency. In closing, let me say I have no hesitation in recommending Jeff Snyder for any future recruitment engagements. I feel confident he would be an asset to your organization and a true guide to your potential candidates. Jeff really believes in not only nurturing clients and building candidate confidences, he also extends himself as a mentor, which in today’s market is extremely rare.”

Rick, Chief Information Security Officer, CISO, CISA, CISSP

"Jeff is the gold standard for recruiting professionals. On our first phone conversation, Jeff went out of his way to explain his background, his company's place in the industry, and his recruiting methodologies. He provided me with specific advice that has already propelled my search forward. He is responsive, straight-forward, and very clear in his communications. I highly recommend his services."

Ramon, Security Analyst, CISSP, CISA

"Jeff is one of the BEST in the industry! Jeff is very thorough, systematic, and takes lot of interest to make sure that the candidate clearly understands the position requirements and the culture of the prospective organization. Jeff has a great knack of finding the right talent for the job. I highly recommend Jeff to, both, individuals looking to make a career move, and to organizations looking for the right talent."

Anurag, Chief Information Officer, CIO, Financial Services

“Jeff is an excellent recruiter. He reads your resume, asks pertinent questions about your search, and he listens and understands your responses. Definitely has a strong grasp of the Information Security space. Highly recommend Jeff for the job seeker and for companies looking for Information Security experts.”

Phil, Identity Management Architect

“Jeff is an excellent resource for job seeking, Information Security professionals. His abilities to identify the needs of his clients as well as the needs of potential candidates clearly distinguishes Jeff among his peers. I would highly recommend Jeff for both the job seeker as well as a potential client.”

Dwayne, Security Consultant, MBA, CISSP

“I recently lost my job as part of a reduction in force when the company I was working for was sold. I contacted a number of different recruiters and found that Jeff was one of the best to work with. He reviewed my resume and helped me to create a more focused version that emphasized my skills and experience. Jeff's knowledge of the job market and his contacts within the industry were a great help in my search. I would strongly recommend contacting and working with Jeff if you are looking for new employment or are a prospective employer.”

Andrew, Information Security Analyst, CISSP, Banking

“Jeff is an amazing resource for job seekers. He is generous in sharing his vast experience and quite knowledge about the world of recruiting. Any client would be fortunate to have Jeff leading the search to fill their critical positions.”

Dana, Learning and Development Consultant

"Jeff has fundamentally changed the way recruiters work. Through a thoughtful and well developed methodology Jeff, with uncanny accuracy, finds not only a candidate with the right skill set but perhaps more importantly a candidate that fits your culture and how you do business."

Ronald, VP, Information Security Product Development / Marketing

"Jeff is a rare breed of career professional: one who not only takes a sincere interest in finding an ideal fit for his clients, but who also exhibits an unusual degree of native insight in understanding what makes a fit work. This speaks volumes about his innate ability to recognize individual gifts and talents, and matching them with his encyclopedic knowledge of opportunities. More importantly still: it singles out Jeff as someone who cares about people and what inspires them to excel--qualities that make Jeff stand apart in his field."

Scott, Security Industry Analyst

"I have had the pleasure to work with Jeff Snyder and have found him to be a valuable contact that is responsive with his clients, passionate about the service he provides and understands how to improve the effectiveness of businesses and individuals."

Bob, VP, eCommerce Systems

“Jeff is an excellent executive recruiter who listens to the needs of his customer and efficiently and effectively provides the right match for the required position without wasting the client's nor candidates time. His knowledge and experience is a strong differentiators that enables him to produce the right outcome. He is clear and sets the right expectations upfront and conducts all transactions with the highest integrity commitment to establishing win-win relationships.”

Tony, Chief Information Officer, eCommerce, Incentive Marketing

“Jeff and I started working together at Bradford & Galt, Inc. in about 1991. From the start, Jeff caught on very quickly and showed a great deal of passion about the recruiting business. Since those years, we have both left to start our own companies and have had occasion to partner on some projects. Jeff certainly demonstrated the same level of commitment to the industry and quality that he possessed when we worked in the same office. I would recommend Jeff and his company to any hiring employer, prospective candidate, or business partner. Feel free to contact me if further information is desired.”

Dave Hume, President, DuncanMassey, LLC

"Jeff finds great candidates and gets the job done."

Keith, CFO, VP of Business Development

"This guy truly understands the intricacies of the security market! Jeff's technical knowledge of the many aspects of the industry coupled with his keen understanding of complex business issues cause him to stand head and shoulders above his contemporaries! Highly likeable, personable, funny, and - more importantly - a great person to know and work with! "Blessed is the leader who seeks the best for those he serves"~ Anonymous"

Gary, Director, Business Development

"Jeff is an excellent recruiter. We hooked up on short notice and he arranged a quality opportunity for me right away. He is straight-forward, hard-working and runs a very respectable practice."

Mike, CIO, Chief Information Officer

"Jeff's grasp of the Information Security/Protection industry is truly impressive! Few recruiters are able to grasp the nuances relevant to a career in this field as well as Jeff. My strongest recommendations..."


"I find Jeff's level of understanding in the INFOSEC industry to be unparalleled. He has constantly heard my needs and provided me the resources necessary to help me become successful in this space. Jeff does this with great respect, customer service, and an extensive knowledge base. He has definitely raised the bar. Thank you Jeff!"

Jeff CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP, C/EH, CCE, TICSA, Security+, Financial Services

This is a formal letter of recommendation for J.A. Snyder and Associates. I have known Mr. Jeff Snyder for the past decade. He recruited me once as a candidate. I have used the services of his organization ever since its inception.

Mr. Snyder worked with my staff, the Human Resources department and myself. Not only did he understand the technology infrastructure completely, he understood the type of personnel that will enhance it. He probed us until he completely understood the type of people that fits our corporate philosophy and culture. Sometimes it seems like he knows us better than ourselves.

Mr. Snyder is a relentless worker, who earns every penny of the recruitment fee. He is unconventional in his search for the right fit. He works with the candidate, and is always candid in briefing us to their strengths and weaknesses. He never hesitates to caution us about some potential shortcomings in a candidate even after he has presented a candidate. He is always trying to look after our best interest. Best of all, he is following up and giving us feedback throughout a recruitment process.
He works with both the candidate and employer to figure the best compensation package that is win-win for both parties. He is excellent in coaching and guiding both parties through this tricky yet necessary part.

Jeff's ability to understand the nuts and bolts of technology is a key factor as to why candidates trust him to find them job enrichment and employers depend on him to present the right skill set. That is the reason we continue to deal with him exclusively. He saves us valuable time and money. He usually provides very few candidates for a given opening, and we benefit from his narrow focus.

Jeff has filled Technology Management to heavy-duty application development positions for us. He continues to keep abreast of what is necessary to be successful in a particular area in technology.

He made me successful and I believe he can do the same for others in my position.

Sam, CTO and EVP, Incentive Marketing

I recommend Jeff Snyder as a highly qualified recruiter in the field of information technology security.

As an experienced IT professional I am impressed with Jeff's understanding of the business and his attention to detail. Jeff's sincere interest in providing a win-win situation for both clients and candidates sets him apart from other recruiters.Those that work with Jeff will find that he is a trustworthy professional. During my job search campaign he often took time from his busy schedule to share information and provide feedback.

His input was instrumental in helping me to land a management position within a successful Fortune 500 company.I intend to call on Jeff in the future to help address my staffing needs. I know from experience that Jeff will focus first on understanding the job requirements and then submit only qualified candidates.

Stephen, CISSP, IT Security Manager, Manufacturing & Chemical Industry

"Jeff was simply phenomenal in helping me get my new position - my dream job actually! His advice and encouragement were absolutely right on and without him, I can't imagine I'd have even the slightest chance for this great opportunity. He's the best!"

Sharon, Information Security Analyst

Jeff first contacted me in early 2003 about a CIO opportunity. He was extremely knowledgeable about his client, apparently having worked with them over time placing other professionals there and having earned their trust and respect, and was able to provide me with very rich background and support as we considered this potential role. We worked with Jeff's client to ultimately place me into this role; and it has been the type- and caliber of professional experience that I had sought and expected. I look forward to working with Jeff again as my career progresses; my experience with Jeff gave me an appreciation for his depth of knowledge and his high integrity. I also highly recommended Jeff as a member of a special group of professionals I will seek to work with again, RAF_"

Bob, Chief Information Officer, CIO, MBA, CHIE

"I met Jeff several years ago at a Profiles International conference and since that time he has continually impressed me as an exceptional visionary who has developed a unique perspective on the recruiting industry. But he is more than an exceptional recruiter. Jeff is a real person who cares about people and goes to the end of the world for his clients. Highly recommended and a great guy to boot!"

Gair, President, Performance Consulting & Training

Jeff Snyder has my full recommendation, his analytical ability and desire to really listen to the client's needs is a real asset when it comes to providing clarity, assessing challenges and developing solutions. Plus, when Jeff says it's going to happen, it happens.

Shawn Controller, CPA, Financial Services

"Jeff's uncompromising level of passion and ethics is unmatched by anyone in his industry. You can count on having a long and successful career with any company that can meet Jeff's comprehensive selection criteria. Jeff is concerned about the quality and character of his clients and leading you to companies that have long-term, strategic, high-growth investment value for career growth."

Jay , Information Security Sales Executive

"Jeff is personable, ethical and extremely professional. He is diligent and follows up when he says he will follow up. I would recommend Jeff to anyone interested in pursuing a career in IT Security."

Bill, VP of Security Sales

"I have known Jeff for 5+ years both personally and professionally. I have found his expertise and competence in executive recruiting to be outstanding. He is highly energetic, committed and trustworthy. One simply could not go wrong in choosing Jeff's firm for their recruiting needs. I give him my highest recommendation."

Scott, Medical Device Sales Executive

"Jeff takes a genuine interest in his clients and placements. His goal is to place the correct individual into the right job. He should be applauded for the time and interest he takes with clients and candidates. Everything Jeff does is quality."

Jeff, Business Development, Sales & Marketing Executive

"As I was introduced to Jeff by a friend, I have been extremely impressed with his approach to his profession. His knowledge, focus, integrity and drive exceeds his clients expectations. Jeff is a relationship guy, one I plan on keeping/developing on a professional and personnel level. His positive upbeat demeanor and intellect will brighten the dullest of days."

Scott, EVP, Business Development

Jeff Snyder has my full recommendation, his analytical ability and desire to really listen to the client's needs is a real asset when it comes to providing clarity, assessing challenges and developing solutions. Plus, when Jeff says it's going to happen, it happens.

Shawn Controller, CPA, Financial Services

"I've known Jeff Snyder on a business level since 2000 which quickly developed into a friendship. I enjoy being around Jeff because of his hard work ethics and tenacity to get a job done in a professional timely manor. Jeff will always go the extra mile for anyone he chooses to associate with and takes pride in his work. I would recommend him for anyone that believes in hiring the best."

Dave, Partner, Coldwell Banker

"Rarely have I met a person like Jeff who highly values everyone with whom he works. He has an innate understanding regarding the importance of connections between people, be it a professional project team or a personal relationship. He is also an excellent recruiter. I have known Jeff for more than 15 years and have never had an occasion to fault his integrity or work ethic."

Judy, Executive Search Firm Owner

"Thank you Jeff. I deeply appreciate your efforts to help me with this position. Never have I had such an experience with a staffing agency or recruiter. In most instances I feel like a "number", but this case is definitely different and it shows that you are experienced and possess excellent people skills. You didn't just look at my resume, but you were able to interpret it and understand me in the process. That I believe is paramount to effective recruiting. Only takes one person to make a difference and you're it. Thank You!"

Del , Information Security Analyst / Engineer

"Jeff is one of those great professionals you meet once in a life time. Hard working, clear thinking and articulate best describes him. I highly recommend Jeff because he cares about the candidates and carefully matches the person to the position. Win-Win is the outcome."

Lance, Manager, Professional Services, CISSP,CISM, IAM

"I have known Jeff for 15 years as both a business associate and friend. We work closely in the recruitment and placement of IT Security professionals. Jeff has an outstanding understanding of many areas of Security to include but not limited to Risk Management, Auditing, Compliance, and Privacy. Jeff takes his job very seriously and you can always count on him to be a professional."

Wils, E xecutive Search Firm Owner

I have enjoyed working closely with Jeff for the last 10+ years and know him to be an honest, dedicated professional. Jeff's knowledge and understanding of the security industry is second to none. I would rank Jeff as one of the top security recruiters in the country.

Jim Jr., Vice President

Jeff was an incredible recruiter from beginning to the end. He assisted me above and beyond my expectations in getting my break in my industry. His integrity, honesty, and energy are at the highest levels possible.

Phil, President & CEO, Oil and Gas

"I have worked with Jeff for a number of years and have always relied on his honesty and hard work. Jeff's knowledge of the fields for which he recruits and their current state is second to none. I would recommend Jeff to anyone either hiring or looking to be hired in the IT Security field. His integrity naturally draws clients and companies which share that value."

Bob, IT Manager, Manufacturing

"Jeff is one of the best recruiters I have had the pleasure of working with. He has that unique ability to match the right candidate with the right company which is very rare. If you are a qualified candidate looking for a position in the Information Security field or a company looking for the right mix of security talent then without a doubt - Jeff is the person to contact."

Max, MBA, Information Security Product Director

In working with Jeff Snyder, I have come to realize he is different from other recruiters. He has a lot of integrity, is extremely competent and very knowledgeable about his clients in the compliance and risk management arena.

He takes the time to get to know his candidates and makes an educated determination as to whether there is an appropriate fit for his clients, rather than simply forwarding the resume and hoping for a match. I've appreciated his knowledge and insight and have recommended him to all of my colleagues as an outstanding recruiter.

During my job search, Jeff was very responsive and took the time to understand my goals, brainstorm, and provide honest feedback and candid guidance in assisting me with my effort to find the right position. Unlike other recruiters, he made a sincere effort to seek the right opportunities (advertised or not) to match my objectives and skill set. If he can put forth such an extreme level of effort for his candidates, imagine what he does for his corporate clients...

Whether I am a candidate or employer, I will certainly call upon Jeff in the future. I know he'll deliver.

Darrin, JD, Director Compliance Product Marketing

I want to thank Jeff Snyder for his attentive, professional, and competent work in assisting me in my employment search that ended in a highly rewarding position. Jeff was meticulous in his effort to be sure I fit the employer's needs and that they fit mine. He was extremely thorough throughout the process and his honesty and straightforwardness helped make a challenging decision much easier. Jeff made me feel as if I was his only client by giving me individualized attention. His attention to detail and the time he invested resulted in a fulfilling career for me and a good fit for my company.

I would highly recommend Jeff Snyder for any recruiting need as an employer or to an individual looking for the right career.

Phil, Vice President of Sales, Oil & Gas Exploration & Drilling

"When Jeff submits a job candidate, I am confident that the person will be exceptional. Jeff spends time up-front to thoroughly understand the position requirements and culture of the organization. His diligence is obvious. Jeff placed 40+ employees at my prior company, bringing a lot of talent to the organization. Jeff is a leader in his field."

Cindy, IT Director ,Pharmaceutical Industry

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Jeff Snyder as a recruiter in the Information Security field. I have had the great pleasure to work with Jeff during the course of the last six months. His perseverance and professionalism directly led to my finding and obtaining a new career opportunity to meet my career goals.

Jeff is not your run of the mill recruiter. He takes the time to fully understand career objectives and gives an honest assessment of your career strengths and weaknesses. Once identified, he seeks out unsolicited opportunities in the field to match your skill set and goals. Jeff is not in the habit of flooding the market with your resume, but actually takes the time to understand the positions he comes across, and will only present you to organizations with matching goals.

Again, I highly recommend Jeff, and will certainly work with him in the future to develop my staff.

Matthew, CISSP, CISM, CISA, Chief Information Security Officer, Banking & Financial Services

It is my great pleasure to provide this enthusiastic recommendation for Jeff Snyder at J.A. Snyder & Associates, Inc. Jeff's approach to the recruiting process is unlike any other employment service I have encountered. It is his business ethics, honesty, listening to the customer's requirements and building lasting relationships that drives his process above the rest. His exceptional communication skills open the door into gathering the technical employment requirements of his customers. Jeff is able to drive the process in a focused and goal oriented manner.

When future employment needs arise, I will contact Jeff first. His firm is pure quality and no-hype - superior customer service and orientation. No other firm has left me with such a positive and lasting impression.

Carl, Chief Information Security Officer, Insurance & Financial Services

"Jeff is a highly respected business partner and trusted friend - 14+ yrs. When he accepts a search, he becomes an expert in learning about his client's needs from a tech. standpoint & from a personality and Company "fit" perspective. He is truly a genius when it comes to analyzing & matching candidates with his client's detailed needs. If it's IT Security related, Jeff is the go to guy! My A+ recommendation!!"

Jim, Executive Search Firm Owner

"I have known Jeff for over 5+ years. He is one of the most dedicated professionals I have ever known. When you hire Jeff, you know that you are getting a person who excels in every way. He will go above and beyond to see the job done right! I highly recommend Jeff for your recruiting and/or personnel development needs."

Chad , Market Research Consultant

I have known Jeff for over 20 years. Jeff's strongest attribute is his ability to understand both the employer's and prospective employee's needs and the importance of meeting them. Jeff's work ethic and integrity are above reproach. I highly recommend Jeff."

Tom, Information Services Professional

"Jeff is an outstanding resource for any company trying to fill their hard to find IT security and regulatory compliance positions. He has an impressive grasp of the IT security profession and market and takes the time understand corporate requirements and match them with individuals who possess the skills necessary to succeed."

Mark , MA , CISSP, ISSMP, Information Security Executive

"Jeff is insightful, and offers practical, effective recruiting assistance. He truly listens to client needs and provides actionable guidance. Jeff is professional, energetic, trustworthy, and really cares about his clients. I highly recommend Jeff and his Firm."

Beth, Business Executive, Automotive Manufacturing

I highly recommend Jeff Snyder as a professional recruiter who gets the job done superbly. He succeeded in getting me hired for a rewarding position before numerous other recruiters even had potential jobs lined up.

In my contacts with Jeff, he responded quickly and took the time to understand the type of position that would bring me the most satisfaction. He quite evidently had done exactly the same with his clients who were looking for professional staff, because the resulting match between my management style and the local culture, and between my desired responsibilities and those of the position were extremely close. He guided me through the application and interview process, providing excellent advice every step of the way. The result was a relatively painless hiring process, with minimal delays and an extremely high level of satisfaction on both sides.
If you want a responsive, thoughtful, and extremely competent recruiter on your side, talk to Jeff. He won't steer you wrong.

Richard, Information Protection Manager, Integrated Healthcare Delivery System

I want to personally thank you for your continued assistance with recruiting high-quality staff for our company. Our most recent vacancy, IT Applications Director, was a particularly difficult position to fill. As always, you provided a well-screened candidate who was a good fit for the role. She has proven to be an excellent employee and I am very pleased the contributions she is already making.

I believe that you've placed 41 employees at Premcor (previously Clark Refining and Marketing) during the past 10 years. Congratulations on achieving that milestone. Your success with our account is a reflection of your diligence to fully understand our needs and screen candidates to match those needs. I appreciate your responsiveness and professionalism, and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Cindy, CIO, Oil Refining Industry

“I worked with Jeff in St. Louis at an IT Agency. I believe Jeff developed his strong entrepreneurial spirit there and went on to eventually open his own company. Through the years Jeff has worked extremely hard to be where he is today. I am amazed at his tenacity and strength of character to build a company not only in St. Louis but then to move to Colorado and start again. He was always extremely honest and forthright to deal with in St. Louis at Bradford and Galt. He believed in the idea that the most important thing in this business is to make sure the placement of a person at a company is the best decision for both of them. Only good will come from that kind of motivation. Jeff is a matter of fact kind of guy who spends time really thinking about what he is doing.”

Susan, Talent Acquisition Leader, Big 4 Firm