Regional Security Manager, Mexico City, Latin America (Filled)

Mexico City, Mexico
Position Reference Number:
Relocation Package: Yes
Job Type: Full-Time
Required Education: BA/BS, Masters Preferred

Job Description

This position reports to the Director of Global Security and is responsible for supporting the functions of Global Security for the geographic region of Latin America North including: Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Jamaica, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic. The position is located in Mexico City. As a member of the Global Security Team, the successful candidate will be responsible for the management of programs and systems designed by Global Security to provide protection to our employees and assets. The work of Global Security Managers falls into five core competency areas: Protecting People, Protecting Assets, Conducting Investigations, Intelligence Issues and Program Management. This position requires an individual who has a broad range of skills and knowledge in the security field. The successful candidate must have a Bachelors degree and a Masters or other advanced degree would be beneficial. A minimum of ten years prior experience as a law enforcement agent with a state, federal or international law enforcement organization or as a corporate security professional is required. The successful candidate must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and be able to prepare documentation for submission to corporate leadership or governmental agencies without supervision. Verbal and written proficiency in English and Spanish are required. This position will require extensive domestic and international travel and international experience as an adult is highly preferred. The position requires the successful candidate to have: extensive experience in evaluating and implementing physical asset protection; extensive experience in conducting and managing complex criminal and civil investigations; experience in conducting witness, victim and suspect interviews; the ability to prepare clear and succinct written communications; people management experience; experience in conflict resolution, workplace violence, negotiations, threat analysis and developing risk analysis of human behavior; the ability to work under pressure in stressful, high profile, sensitive, and life threatening situations; the ability to physically handle the tasks of: physical arrests, physical protection, field surveys and protection response by being in exceptional physical condition; experience in executive protection including protection surveys and advance preparations is desirable.

Job Requirements

The successful candidate will be responsible for: establishing policies and procedures related to this regional area of responsibility; the physical security for all facilities and personnel located in the region consisting of Latin America North; conducting security vulnerability assessments of facilities and operations; conducting and managing investigations in conjunction with other business units and law enforcement authorities worldwide; preparing well documented investigative and security assessment reports; overseeing the budget and expenditures of the above areas of responsibility; providing global response to crises or other matters of importance to the company or the department; establishing and maintaining liaison with the law enforcement and military community; establishing training and security programs for employees; maintaining liaison with and providing professional consultation to the Monsanto leadership of the region; collecting and disseminating intelligence related to activists, criminal exploits, or other matters relating to the security and well being of the company and employees; providing direct involvement with executive protection movements as a responsible representative of the Global Security department participating in the advance preparations, protection responsibilities in proximity to the designated company officer, or other functions as necessary. Successful completion of a post offer fitness test is required for employment in this position.