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To expose security skilled job seekers to companies that need their Cyber Security / Information Security and Corporate Security skills at the staff level.

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SecurityRecruiter.com has top ranking in major search engines.  Your staff level security jobs will be seen by security job seekers who have been visiting SecurityRecruiter.com for years.  Our posting fees are cost-effective and will produce results.

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Not only do we have excellent search engine positioning enabling security professionals to find your posted job, when an employer posts a security job with us, we’ll push that job out to passive job seekers who aren’t necessarily looking for a job.



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There are times when posting a security job is not appropriate or will not be effective.  For those times, we invite you to learn more about the cyber security, corporate security, IT Audit, risk management, compliance and privacy recruiting services offered through the page and how to services.

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Security professionals who want to make themselves known to the SecurityRecruiter.com team can click on our to forward their professional background information.  We do not release our candidate’s background information to prospective employers until we first conduct an extensive interview process with a candidate. Once we submit a candidate to a client, we nearly always generate an interview. This is great news for our clients and our candidates.


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